CorrosionX - Corrosion Stopper from Devon Window Care


Stop Rust One

In controlling rust and corrosion, the traditional approach has been to cover metal surfaces with a barrier coating such as paint, wax or oil. It’s a good theory in principle (and until now, there weren’t many other options), but there are major drawbacks. Barrier coatings can’t do much besides keeping moisture off the metal surface thereby slowing the corrosion process – that’s why they’re called ‘corrosion inhibitors’.

Unfortunately, moisture inevitably displaces or Barrier Coating penetrates through barrier coatings allowing it to Water contact the metal that’s supposedly being protected. Once this happens, barrier coatings tend to lock in moisture and corrosion can grow unchecked.

Stop Rust Two

CorrosionX uses a revolutionary technology that causes the product to stick to metal almost like a magnet. This Polar Bonding technology puts CorrosionX’s effectiveness light-years ahead of the competition. Because CorrosionX is attracted to metal, it displaces moisture and other electrolytes that accelerate the corrosion process – even saltwater. Then, it leaves an ultra-thin, self-healing film that actively seals metal from the environment.

This unique ability makes CorrosionX more than just a ‘corrosion inhibitor’; it’s a true corrosion stopper.

With regular application, CorrosionX has proven to be unmatched in controlling corrosion even under the most extreme conditions.


lubricates graph

Without adequate lubrication, wear surfaces grind together creating friction. CorrosionX stays bonded in place and wear surfaces are separated by a super slick protective coating, so friction and wear are dramatically reduced.


window opening

The attraction between metal and CorrosionX is so strong that CorrosionX molecules ‘leapfrog’ each other in order to contact clean metal – defying gravity and penetrating through rust and corrosion. This is why CorrosionX penetrates faster and further than any other penetrant.

Rob Mugglestone of CorrosionX UK commented:
”We are delighted and excited to welcome Devon Window Care as our commercial partner in the South West of England. This is the ideal platform to showcase the best of CorrosionX in a key strategic area.“