If you’re looking for a comprehensive range of quality double and triple glazed windows in Devon and Cornwall, you’re in the right place. At Devon Window Care our range of UPVC, Aluminium and timber products is second to none, we offer a wide range of A, B AND C energy efficient UPVC windows in a range of styles and finishes to complement any home.

Types of UPVC Windows

There are many different types of UPVC windows available. The specific design and configuration of UPVC windows can vary depending on the manufacturer, functionality and individual preferences. Devon Window Care have extensive knowledge of installing all types of windows, with a 10 year insurance backed guarantee.

Casement Windows

Casements are the most popular style of window in the UK. They are versatile and can be installed in various sizes and configurations. They have outward opening vents which are combined with fixed panes.

  • Low Maintenance
  • Long Lasting
  • High Security Locking System
Sash Windows

Sash windows have one or more moveable panels, known as sashes that slide vertically. They are commonly found in traditional and Victorian style architecture but have been designed for modern properties.

  • Traditional design
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Good thermal insulation
Tilt and Turn Windows

Tilt and turns combine simple, streamlined style with real practicality. These windows are hinged at the base and tilt inwards for ventilation. With an extra turn of the handle, the frames can open fully into the room on a side hinge. That full opening means that tilt and turns can easily be cleaned from indoors – no need to struggle with ladders or to employ a window cleaner.

  • Low maintenance
  • Good ventilation
  • Easy installation